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"The second most-frequent writing request, after books, is for school papers. We respond to all such queries by refusing to help a student cheat himself (or herself) out of an education." David Leonhardt quoted in Maclean's, Canada's national magazine Packages and Pricing

Before you read any further, please ask yourself this question: "Am I planning to buy services based first on quality or first on price?" If you answer "Price" to this question, please look for a freelancer at You can find some bargain programmers, writers, editors and translators there, from a variety of exotic locales. Just remember that you get exactly what you pay for.

We do not come cheap, nor do we charge the most we could. We believe in both delivering value to you and being able to heat our home in the cold Canadian winter.

Many of our services are hard to price without knowing the specifics of your project, but here are a few sample packages we offer (NOTE: all the prices on this website are in Canadian dollars):

SEO prices :: writing prices :: editing, proofreading and translation prices

SEO Hourly/Daily Fees

If you wish to hire our SEO expertise on an ad hoc basis, we provide hourly and daily fees. Our hourly consultation fee is $150. Our per diem is $1600, plus out-of-pocket expenses.

Our SEO Review and Website Audit Fees

We will review a simple website for $900, and report on improvements you can make yourself to boost your search engine rankings. Our report will include detailed recommendations on your main pages, as well as suggestions about site-wide issues. We cover issues such as:

  • domain issues
  • meta tags
  • file/directory issues
  • navigation
  • presence and use of search terms
  • presence and use of stemming
  • outbound links
  • inbound links

Most importantly, we will be on the lookout for anything that could put your website at risk of drawing a search engine penalty.

This package is for the review and recommendations. We will NOT do any on-page work or keyword research for this price. The recommendations are for you or your webmaster to implement.

Complete SEO campaign

This package has a pretty wide price range, in part depending on the breadth of a website's niche and in part depending on the level of competition in the sector. It includes everything involved in getting your site ready to climb the rankings: all the keyword research and mapping, all the on-page coding and text edits, creation of some pages if necessary, and developing and executing a link-building strategy. We ask for a one-year commitment, as SEO work requires time to bear fruit.

The price range for this is typically $8000 - $50,000. The lower end of the spectrum is reserved for small, focused websites, where the on-page work and keyword research is less than on a typical site, and where competition is light. The upper end is reserved for wide-ranging sites requiring much keyword research in competitive sectors, and high-intensity link-building.

Our Content Creation / Marketing Fees

The best way to promote your website, whether for branding, SEO or traffic, is through content marketing - creating highly useful, sharable and on-topic content that people will want to share on social media and link to from their blogs. Our blog writers can prepare and promote top quality blog posts for $250-$350 each; we can create Infographics typically for $300-$600 each. We promote your content through social sharing, social bookmarking, blog carnivals, and any other venue available at the time.

One of the best ways to quickly spread your reputation and your links across the Internet is by writing articles. Articles that appear on other websites or in offline publications are a tremendous way to build your credibility. Online articles can carry a "resource box" with your contact information and a link back to your website.

Our Editing and Translation Fees

We offer standard pricing for both our proofreading/editing services and our translation services. Please note that all these services are subject to a minimum $100 charge, and might be subject to higher fees under certain circumstances.

Our proofreading rates are $20/1000 words and our copy-editing rates are $30/1000 words, with a minimum $100 charge. If the text is either highly complex or in very rough shape, additional fees might apply. Learn more about our comprehensive copy editing services.

We translate from French to English or from English to French for $0.22 per word, up to 10,000 words of simple text. Complex topics will cost more. Beyond 10,000 words, we give a volume discount. Learn more about our French translation services, which are second to none and much better than most.

If you have your goals set beyond Canada's borders, we translate from Spanish to English or from English to Spanish for $0.18 per word, up to 10,000 words of simple text. Complex topics will cost more. Beyond 10,000 words, we give a volume discount. Learn more about our Spanish translation services.

We can also arrange translation in other languages, such as German or Portuguese.

News Release (press release) Fees

Writing a news release is a very specialized craft, requiring both writing skills and an understanding of how the media functions. We can edit a news release for maximum effectiveness, or we can prepare one from scratch. We charge a flat fee of $150 to review and edit your news release. To prepare one from scratch, we charge $300. If multiple versions are required, such as one for Canada and one for the USA, we will charge extra only if significant differences are required in each version. Read more on our news release services.

Ghost Writing and Book writing Fees

Book pricing depends on both the length of the book and the experience of the writer, as well as on how organized your material is. A typical book running 200 - 300 pages (or about 60,000 words) might start at around $10,000 - $12,000 for our ghost writers to prepare the first draft, assuming all the information is well-organized and easily accessible to the writer. If you want one of our senior writers with more publishing experience, the price will often start at $12,000 - $16,000.

If you provide a good organization of material you want included, you won't need to also pay for the outline and organization of the book, which might typically cost $2000 to $4000. And if you provide a really accurate portrayal of how you want the book to read, you might need very little work on a second draft, which otherwise might typically cost another $2000 to $4000. There is no typical cost for research, as it really depends on the topic and what needs to be researched. Of course, all these prices depend on the complexity of the topic and the clarity of the information you provide our writers.

Payment Information

We accept payment via PayPal (including credit cards processed through PayPal) and IKOBO, and we accept checks and money orders in US and Canadian currency. We also accept email Interac, a lightening-quick way to transfer money within Canada without high banking fees. We also accept trunks of buried treasure, crown jewels and deeds to seaside property in Nova Scotia.

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