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"The second most-frequent writing request, after books, is for school papers. We respond to all such queries by refusing to help a student cheat himself (or herself) out of an education." David Leonhardt quoted in Maclean's, Canada's national magazine

What sets The Happy Guy Marketing apart : We understand what engages Canadians in social media and we write your blog or your guest post that way.

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To hire a Canadian freelance blog writer or guest post writer, contact us now!
READ what our blog writing clients told us about our work.
If you are shopping on price rather than on quality, you are definitely in the wrong place. For rock-bottom price, go to For the sky-high quality, read on.

Each blog is unique. Some are businesses unto themselves. Others exist just to showcase a person'r or a company's expertise. Others are there just to increase engagement. And many blogs are there to increase traffic to your website. We understand this.

"Your blog's goals determine how we write."

We write only top quality blog posts

Sorry. Our writers don't write trash. If all you care about is filling up your blog with drivel that ishopefully legible to somebody for $20/post, you'll find plenty of desperate writers at

Our made-in-Canada blog writers have written about...

  • Business
  • Personal finance
  • Health and nutrition
  • Partying and leisure
  • Fashion and style
  • Credit and debt
  • Careers and employment
  • Marketing and social media
  • ...and so many more topics on so many blogs

Sometimes, blog owners ask us to write their whole blogon a regular basis. Sometimes, we are asked to "pinch hit", helping them by writing a few specific posts. What kind of help do you need?

Our blog-owner clients speak out.

Liudas Butkus - blog owner

The article was just amazing :) probably the very best guest post that I have received.

And only the top quality promotion

We can also help you promote your blog posts across the Internet and with the search engines. We get them in front of as many eyes as possible through various social media websites. We invest a lot of time maintaining a network of friends who help us spread your content around. We get your blog posts passed around on Twitter, in front of other bloggers and in front of the search engines. We often are able to do additional promotion of certain posts, garnering additional social media mentions and links for your blog.

We can also arrange nice Infographics for your blog, which mnay people like to share on the Internet and link back to from their blogs.

We write guest posts, too

If guest blogging figures in your blog or website marketing strategy, we can ghostwrite guest posts for you, too ("ghost guest"). There is nothing wrong with a guest blogger hiring a ghostwriter - the key is to write a quality ipost that works well with the target blogs where they will be published. Whether it is a simple guest post, a reciprocal post or a sponsored (paid) post, it is important for it to look and feel like any other post on the blog and to link (when appropriate) to authority sources. We take care of that for you.

Please let us know what you need. We can just write your blog (or guest blog post), or we can both write and promote it.

Want to hire a quality Canadian blog writer?

If you are looking for a freelance writer or editor to develop a quality blog on your website, contact The Happy Guy Marketing for a free quote. The more details you provide, the better we can serve you:

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Details please tell us as much as you can about what you need from us.



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